Living Well
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Living Well is a comprehensive wellness enrichment program with the sole purpose of helping you develop the motivation and skills necessary to improve your life in the area of health and wellness.  

  • Living Well provides group and individual support, webinars, and seminars aimed at helping you gain accountability and support to change. 

  • Living Well has intentionally lower rates to be able to assist with life changes at an an affordable rate; and is easily accessible.

  • Services offered through Living Well
    • ​​Brighter Pathway’s Living Well program offers nutritional consulting and coaching through, individual, group meetings, webinars, and seminars focusing on achieving optimal health marked to enhance and empower lifestyle changes. Using a holistic approach to treat optimal health to spark basic lifestyle changes, kick start the body’s self healing mechanisms, and helping to curtail a new mindset.

  • These strategies include:
    • Dietary modification,
    • Simple breathing and meditation techniques,
    • Sufficient sleep and exercise.
    • Stress/emotional management
    •  Increasing motivation/support/ and self-actualization!
    • Meal Plans
    • Wellness Plans
    • Check-ins
    • Recipies
    • Portion Control
    • Wellness Challenges

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