We provide evidenced-based treatment and other healthy assistance to create empowerment, self-advocation, personal development, and emotional/behavioral intelligence.  
Everything we do at Brigther Pathways, LLC is done with professionalism and a "Cut above"
mentality to help you have a great experience as you heal.

We value diversity and look forward to meeting everyone's needs.  
We are a passionate group of professionals who are dedicated to be of service to you and strive to provide healthy assist in empowering you to achieve the greatest you!

We also offer an array of flexible available appointment times to offer convenience 
Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:00pm and Saturdays 8:30am-2:00p.
Brighter Pathways, LLC provides counseling and enrichment services.  It was established in January 2014, and is represented by  a strong team of seasoned professionals who have a wealth of years of experience in the field.

 We are conveniently located in Columbia, SC 29210, on St. Andrews Rd, where I-20 meets I-26.

We are dedicated to rebuilding communities and people by offering an array of programs and services  with the intent to serve our community with care, intelligence, and sincerity.  We want to impact the lives of others and add value to our community.

Our logo is a light house, which is known as a beacon of light to guide ships through storms and rough waters.  We are dedicated to exhaust our best efforts to provide healthy assistance to guide all who enter our services through his/her storms and promote hope, empowerment, and change!

We are driven by the proverb that states:
"Iron sharpens iron, and a man sharpens the person of his neighbor".- Proverbs 27:17